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CORIN-Asia Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under Thailand law that works on coastal, wetlands and river basin management in the region in partnership with the CORIN-Asia group. CORIN-Asia has several years of professional experience in dealing with various levels of society in empowering human resources by translating local problems into opportunities. The focus is to build local capacity to sustain their livelihood and improve coping mechanisms to changes in their environment.

CORIN-Asia has five separate organizations in the Mekong region which include Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. CORIN-Asia Foundation was established to coordinate the group's work at the regional level in partnership with other CORIN institutions established in Vietnam (CORIN-Asia Vietnam), Cambodia (CORIN-Asia Cambodia) and Northeast Thailand (CORIN-Asia Mekong) as well as with the Marine and Coastal Resources Institute (MA-CORIN) of Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. In addition, CORIN-Asia also has its presence in Indonesia. This set-up enables CORIN-Asia to create a scalable and adaptive organizational structure which can operate effectively in a wide range of institutional environments within the Southeast Asian region. Currently, we are undertaking a research initiative which will soon lead to the establishment of CORIN-Asia in Myanmar.

CORIN-Asia believes that reducing poverty could be achieved by strengthening capacities of project planners and implementers as well as donors and recipients to appropriately address local demands. We also believe in the importance of research by improving local and scientific knowledge as well as professional higher education, to develop and sustain local livelihood.

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