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CORIN-Asia, the regional collaboration of independent country-based local NGOs, has been working in the countries within the Mekong region. As an offshoot of the experiences and lessons learned under the Wetlands Alliance Program, CORIN-Asia Foundation took the lead in identifying the need to provide a more sustainable local backstopping support to local-level institutions and organizations in partnership with CORIN-Asia in Cambodia, in Vietnam and in Northeast Thailand.

Likewise, a similar approach is also being undertaken towards the establishment of a CORIN-Asia in Myanmar. Each country organization is independent but all are working collaboratively to provide technical, management and other forms of support to local partners working in coastal, river basin and wetland areas. The idea of establishing these autonomous offices is to meet the needs of local partners at the provincial and district levels in building the capacity they need to be able to dispose their functions and perform their assigned mandates.

Partners at the local level identify the most relevant policy-related issues within the communities and develop locally appropriate strategies based on the blending of theoretical and local knowledge to address these issues with support from other partners - locally, nationally and even at the regional level. Through this process, the local partners acquire the institutional and management capacities they need to work as effective agents of development.

Thematic Areas of Work

  • CORIN-Asia in Thailand
    Sustainable pathways for community development to deal with flood and drought
  • CORIN-Asia in Cambodia
    Integrated coastal zone management
  • CORIN-Asia in Vietnam
    Integrated coastal and river-basin management
  • CORIN-Asia Mekong
    Facilitate professional degree on Poverty Reduction and Agricultural Management Program
  • CORIN-Asia Indonesia
    Training and Capacity building for Integrated Island and Coastal Management
  • Myanmar
    Utilization of aquatic weed in livelihood development

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